drink 2L of water A DAY for a week!!


this will really help remove toxins and clean out your body, off course during that week try not to eat any oily or fast foods!!!!


after tell me you results 🙂 i promise you won’t regret you tried it.


Life as it is

i am confused … he is one of my best friends though i have strong feelings for him and he shows feelings for me, but it has always been complicated but i don’t know why it is complicated. we like each other but we seem to friend zone each other every time the topic comes up. we have never kissed but we nearly have. 

he makes me happy without him it would be like the world didn’t make sense, i don’t know what to do about it?!!! 

Banksy’s rat daubs graffiti in Fitzrovia

Banksy is amazing

Fitzrovia News

By Angela Lovely

Writing on a wall says: "If graffiti changed anything - it would be illegal" “If graffiti changed anything – it would be illegal” says a statement by what is believed to be a new artwork by Banksy.

A new artwork believed to have been created by the artist Banksy has appeared on a wall in Fitzrovia, central London during Easter Monday. The work in blood red paint features the stencilled rat which has appeared in many of his creations.

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